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Agent 18 Nano Shield v2
January 30, 2006 10:37 AM

Nano Shield Front

Skatter Tech had done a review of the Agent 18 Shield for the Apple iPod Nano back in November 2005. The case was one of the first hard cases for the iPod Nano at the time. The case actually did have a few defects, so Agent18 created a new version of the case. The original version was composed of three pieces: back, top, and bottom. The new case only has 2 pieces: a top and a back piece which snap together. The shield no longer has two lines across the screen, making it look a lot better. The iPod Nano no longer moves around in the case as it did before. Agent18 also includes a adaptor so that the iPod Nano can fit into the Apple Universal Dock while it is still in the case. (will not work with the Nano dock when in the case)

Nano Shield Back

Overall this is a great case and will only cost $20, which is a good investment to protect your $200-250 iPod Nano. There are many new cases that resemble this one. Some include the iSee from CountoureCase and the iClear from Griffin. Both have recieved great ratings, but we never could get a handson review. The only problem with the Agent 18 shield is the fact that it doesn’t cover the click wheel. Anyways the most important part of the the Apple Nano is covered, the screen.

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