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January 1, 2006 05:11 PM

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1) BugMeNot just got a brand new look and a new more powerfull interface. It also allows site admins to request to be blocked from BugMeNot’s service to prevent spamers. BMN also has ratings for reach username/password so it is easier to find logins that will probably work. The BMN Firefox extension no longer works because the site runs on a new API, but luckily the creators are working on a fix and are expected to release an even more powerfull extension soon.
Links: BugMeNot | BMN Firefox Extension

2) Gaim 2.0 is expected to be released soon. The creators are currently taking in tons of feedback and are willing to change or add anything requested. It is also expected have new protocols to support new services such as Google Talk. (along with aim, msn, yahoo, jabber, icq, and irc).
Links: Gaim 1.5.0 | Gaim 2.0 BETA (win32)

3) Feed Icons are now everwhere on the net. For many it is hard to to tell what each icon means, therefore a new standardized format has been created by Mozilla was first to use this type of icon when Firefox was launched. Microsoft has agreed to implement that same icon into Internet Explorer 7.0 when it is launched (probably along with Windows Vista). Apple may also join in and use the same logo for their Safari browser, but there has been no offical announcement from them yet. But in the meantime all Website adminsitrators should download the source to the standard Feed Icon and modify it to their needs and use it on their websites.
Links: | digg story

4) Thunderbird 1.5 RC2 has been released. Thunderbird is still on 1.0.7, while Firefox got a major update to 1.5 just a while ago. Thunderbird 1.5 is expected to have plently of new features. Some include: live spell check, podcast RSS support, more powerfull search, and better spam filters. It is also expected that the interface will get a big change to include “tabbed emails”.
Links: Thunderbird 1.5 RC2 | Thunderbird 1.0.7

5) Google Zeitgeist 2005 has been published which is a comprehensive list of the Top Searches of 2005 in different categories. It also shows how different events that occured throughout 2005 triggered a lot of articles to be written on the web. (Katrina, London Bombing, CIA Leak, and Indian Tsuami) Some of the most searched items were Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami, and xBox 360.
Links: The 2005 Google Zeitgeist | The 2004 Zeitgist

6) Digg Spy was updated to “2.0” and now includes a very powerfull LIVE view of everthing that is occuring on The interface can now filter everything occuring on digg. There is now a toggle for items being dugg, being submitted, being commented, and being marked. There are also three tabs: one shows all stories, items that have been on the homepage, and items in the digg queue. Digg has grown rapidly and now has over 100,000 registered users which all occured in about 1 year.
Links: Digg Spy | My Digg Profile (Top User #10!) | Digg Home

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