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Link Round-Up (1)
March 1, 2006 08:55 AM

Link Round-Up (1) — search for an album or artist and get 1000x of album covers.
Red dot = water damage?
— red dot on phone means water damage.
Plans for Firefox 2.0 — mozilla makes some statements on FF v2.0.
iPod Wiki
— access all of wikipeida’s archives from your iPod.
Free Thumbdrive — microsoft giving away a thumbdrive for a quick survey.
Vista won’t suck? — a bunch of reasons why vista may actually be good.
DVD on iPod — tutorial on how to put dvds onto your ipod video.
Sony PS3 Late — sony admits they are behind on releasing the ps3.
Google Pages — google pages for anyone with a gmail account.
PSP 3.0 Pics — some screen shots of the psp v3.0 in action.

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