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PlayStation One Terminated
March 25, 2006 03:19 PM

PlayStation One

Sony’s first gaming console, the PlayStation, was pushed into the market in December 1994. Six years later, Sony released a re-designed smaller unit called the PSOne. (same hardware specs, only smaller than the original) The PS1 line has been on the market for over 11 years and as the PlayStation 3 (PS3) launch approaches, Sony has decided cease all PS1 production. (Over 100 million PSOne units have been produced) Even though all production has ended PS1 games won’t be going away too soon. SCEA has announced that they are working on an emulator to allow running PS1 games on the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Since the PS3 is fully backwards compatible, it will be able to play both PS1 and PlayStation 2 (PS2) games. (PS2 can already play PS1 games) Sony also mentioned that they expect to keep the PS2 in the market for at least another 4-5 years. PS1 fans and others who own many PS1 games should be very excited to hear this news.

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