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Stream iTunes Library To PSP
April 17, 2006 07:05 AM

iTunes To PSP

Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a very popular device and has sold a few million units, but when compared to Apple’s iPod, the PSP lacks storage space. Luckily, the PSP has a built in WiFi card to make up for this disadvantage. With a few simple steps, all of which are included in this tutorial, anyone can stream any non-copyright music from their iTunes library to their PSP. To get started, you will need to have the following:

  • PSP With Firmware v2.60
  • Networked XP Home/Pro Comp.
  • WiFi (802.11b) Network Router
  • Apple iTunes v6.0.4 Installed
  • Songs in iTunes Music Library
  • At Least 1 Playlist With Music

The 5-Step Setup Procedure:

1) Download iTunes-PSP-Server.exe and save it to your desktop.
2) Disable any firewalls and/or keep port 8080 open.
3) Launch iTunes and then click on the iTunes-PSP-Server after.
4) In IE/Firefox open the page “http://localhost:8080”
5) Setup is complete if an “iTunes RSS Server” page appeared.

If the iTunes RSS Server page didn’t appear make sure your firewall has authorized “iTunes-PSP-Server.exe” to access the internet completely. You may also want to add a rule into your firewall to keep port 8080 open. The “black box” is the server, DO NOT close it.

Before going any further make sure you know the IP address of the machine running iTunes and the iTunes-PSP-Server. To find you Local Area Network (LAN) IP go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Click on your Network Card -> Support Tab. Your local IP address should look something like this “192.168.1.xxx”. Another method is to go to Start -> Run… -> type “cmd” hit enter -> type “ipconfig” in the window. Your IP Address should be displayed there. Once the 5-Step Procedure is complete and you have found your Local IP Address, proceed to the next step.

The PSP Setup Procedure:

1) Turn on your PSP and go to Network -> Internet Browser.
2) Enter “http://IPADDRESS:8080” into the Address area.
3) When iTunes RSS Server appears add it to your bookmarks.
4) Now click on any orange RSS icon and “Add This Channel”.
5) Close Internet Browser and go to Network -> RSS Channel.
6) Select a playlist you added and YOUR’RE DONE!!!

This tutorial only demonstrated how to access your iTunes Library over a Local Area WiFi network. If you wish to access your iTunes Library music from any “HotSpot” or external location, you will need to forward port 8080 in your router to allow your Local IP to be accessible externally.

Other Notes: To close the iTunes-PSP-Server just select the black window and press CTRL+Shift+C and it should close. If you update your iTunes library once the server has already been started, selected “Reload Library” on the webpage in your PSP browser. The server can only stream non-copyright protected (DRM-Free) MP3 and AAC files. (no video support yet)

Downloads: iTunes-PSP-Server.exe | Apple iTunes
Links: iTunes RSS Server Development | Google Groups Support

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