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Use iPod For Password Recovery
August 18, 2006 05:54 AM

iPod Password Reset

Ever forget you password? Well luckily, we have a quick and easy solution for iPod owners. After completing the following, your iPod will become a password recovery disk, which will allow recovering your system password in case you get locked out. Note: This tutorial is only works for WinXP.

Required Items:

  • Windows XP Home/Pro
  • iPod Nano or iPod Video
  • USB-iPod Connection Cable

Set Up Procedure:
1) Connect your iPod to your machine and verify that it appears as a standard drive in “My Computer”. (ex: “Joe’s iPod (G:)”)
Note: If it doesn’t appear and you have iTunes Installed, make sure “disk use” is enabled.
2) Go To Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Select Your Account -> Related Tasks – > “Prevent a forgotten password”. A Wizard should appear.
3) Select Your iPod’s Drive Name -> Enter Current Password -> Finish

WinXP Password Reset

Once complete your iPod should be setup as a password recovery disk. Do not delete the “userkey” file, which you may see when browsing your iPod’s contents. To test your recovery disk do a quick Log Off and try logging in with an incorrect password. Select “use password reset disk”. Then proceed and select your iPod’s drive name. If all goes well it should you will be allowed to create a new password.

Note: Non-iPod users can use the same procedure to save the “userkey” file to a Thumbdrives, CDs, floppy, Memory Sticks, etc.

Links: Microsoft Support – Password Reset Disk
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