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Review: Shure SE210 Earphones
April 16, 2007 08:10 PM

Shure SE210 Earphones
Skatter Tech got a hold of the Shure SE210, an upgrade to the popular E Series, a few weeks ago and we have been quite pleased with the headset’s performance. The headphones included with most MP3 players, including iPods, are not exactly top notch. Purchasing a high quality set of headphones makes quite a big difference. Although the SE210 is at the bottom of their line of high-end earphones, it is still one of the best ones available on the market. (We reviewed the SE210-K Black)

Shure SE-210 Specs:

  • Sound Isolating Earphones
  • Hi-Definition Micro Speaker
  • Frequency Range: 25Hz – 18.5kHz
  • Included: Deluxe Fit Kit & Case
  • Available in Black or White
  • Price (MSRP): $179 $150

Shure SE210 Earphone Sleeves

If you own the previous E2c model, the first thing you’ll notice is that the new SE210 earphones are much smaller and lighter. We felt the material also looked cheaper, but the sound it produced proved us wrong. Shure kept the headset in the Y-shape form factor instead of switching over to other styles such as “behind-the-neck,” which Sony uses in their headsets. Unlike its predecessor, which had a 56-inch cord, the Shure SE210 offers flexibility by including a 36-inch extension cord to go along with the short 18-inch headset. (54 inches total) Finally, Shure has improved the performance of the bass since it could barely be heard in the E2c’s.
Shure SE210 Earphones Case And Cord
Another bonus when you purchase Shure earphones is that they are almost guaranteed to fit (unless you have really weird ears). Shure includes 3 types of headphone sleeves: foam sleeves (S/M/L), rubber flex sleeves (S/M/L), and a triple flange sleeves. In addition to the sleeves, Shure bundles a semi-hard carrying case, the 3-foot extension cord, and a little tool to clean out wax from your earphones.

Overall, the most important factor, sound quality, was superb. Although $50 more expensive than the previous model, the SE210 is quite a good improvement since the earphones are more compact, reach a wider set of frequencies, and have an improved bass. If you one of those audiophiles, who is looking for something even better, you might be interested in their other higher-end models: SE310, SE420, or SE530. However for most people who want a better set of headphones, but want something cheaper than $150, we recommend checking out these: Shure E2c, Bose Tri-Port, or Sony MDR-EX90. And as for the SE210s, they are available in stores now!

Buy Now: SE210 White or Black for $149
Links: | SE210 Earphones
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