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The Best Open Source Applications
October 13, 2007 11:35 PM

Open Source Applications

Open Source applications are a great cost-free alternative to commercial applications. In many instances they are even better than paid versions of the same application. Today we bring you a list of a great applications from browsers to video players for both Windows XP/Vista and Macintosh OS X. All items on the list of course are completely FREE and have NO adware or spyware.

Web Browsing:

  • Mozilla Firefox – tabbed browsing, customizable, and large plugin library – (Win+Mac)
  • Camino – mozilla-like mac-styled browser with rss, spell check, tabs & more – (Mac)


RSS Reader:

  • FeedReader – handle large amount of feeds, simple, auto updates, and fast – (Win)
  • Vienna – rss + atom, tabbed viewer, customize layouts, and global search – (Mac)
  • RSSOwl – opml, bookmarks, export function, search, and alerts – (Win+Mac)

Instant Messaging:

  • Pidgin – all in one chat client supporting over 15 major chatting services – (Win)
  • Adium – also an all in one client, which supports 13 chatting protocols – (Mac)


  • Azureus – very powerful, customizable, plugins, and tracker support – (Win+Mac)

Media Player:

  • Miro – plays any video file, hd content, free tv, youtube downloads, and torrents – (Win+Mac)
  • VLC – plays tons of media formats, powerful converter, and streams anything – (Win+Mac)

Office Suites:

  • OpenOffice – word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, and illustrator – (Win+Mac)
  • AbiWord – a powerful word processor which supports many formats – (Win+Mac)
  • Bean – a simple and free word processor more feature packed than text edit – (Mac)

Virus Scan:

  • ClamWin – great virus protection tool for windows based machiens – (Win)
  • ClamAV – anti-virus scanning tool for Unix-based machines – (Mac)

DVD Rippers / Encode:

  • Handbrake – rips and converts to any format. supports psp, ipod, and iphone – (Win+Mac)
  • Media Coder – rip, encode anything to anything, simple encoding for portable devices – (Win)

CD / DVD Burners:

  • Burn – burn data, video, audio, and images. also can copy discs – (Mac)
  • InfraRecorder – burn any type of data or media, dual layer support, and create ISOs – (Win)

Sound Editor + Recorder:

  • Audacity – a powerful sound recorder and editing tool – (Win+Mac)

FTP Client:

  • Filzezilla – supports ftp, ftps, sftp, and supports large file transfers. can resume files – (Win+Mac)
  • Cyberduck – supports standard ftp protocols and integrated with OS X features – (Mac)

Photo Editors:

  • Gimp – great for creating and editing images. good photoshop alternative – (Win+Mac)
  • Paint.net – a powerful windows photo editing / manipulation tool – (Win)
  • Seashore – a mac os x photo editor with tons of features – (Mac)

Publishing Tools:

  • Scribus – neat professional publishing and page layout tool – (Win+Mac)

File Tools:

  • 7-zip – unzip or zip up just about any type of package you can imagine – (Win)
  • Unarchiver – can unzip anything and works better than OS X’s default tool – (Mac)
  • Eraser – securely delete any file from your HDD beyond point of recovery – (Win)
  • Permanent Eraser – completely wipe any data using DoD specifications – (Mac)

PDF Tools:

  • PDFCreator – create pdf files from any just about program that can print – (Win)

These are just a few of the tons of programs out there. We specifically choose these since we felt that these will be useful for most people. If you know of any neat open source applications or ones better than the ones mentioned in our article, please feel free to let us know by replying in the comments!

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