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iFrogz – iPod Touch Treadz (Case)
November 29, 2007 11:46 PM

iFrogz - iPod Touch Treadz (Case)

It’s been about three months since Apple first announced the iPod Touch and at this point just about all the major accessory makers have begun to ship out their products. We just got a hold of iFrogz‘s iPod Touch case called the Treadz. The silicone sleeve fits the iPod Touch neatly and leaves openings for the screen, ports, and buttons. I’m not going to say that this is necessarily the best case, but I do highly recommend purchasing some sort of protection for your $300-400 iPod Touch.

The iFrogz iPod Touch Treadz protects the entire iPod Touch, but unfortunately leaves the entire touch screen unprotected. To solve that issue, I would recommend purchasing Ifrogz’s Protective Screen Film which will prevent the screen from getting scratched or collecting dust. The other openings for the hold button, dock connector, and headphone jack are the exactly the right sizes so there’s not much room for physical damage to occur through those areas. The only other major opening is the circle below the screen to allow access to the “Home” key. Reaching the key was a bit difficult since the silicone case is fairly thick around that area and will especially be a problem for those with large hands. Despite that there weren’t any other usability issues with the iFrogz Treadz.

iFrogz iPod Touch Threadz Back

The case is only available in black at this time, but despite this it matches the style of the iPod Touch quite well. Another thing that I liked about the case was the fact that iFrogz didn’t place their branding all over the device as many other accessory vendors usually do. Instead the the text “iFrogz” is cleanly written on the sides, which doesn’t take away from the look and feel of the case. The case wasn’t all perfect. Ifrogz seems to have forgotten to leave an opening for the ambient light sensor at the top. So if you are using this case, the Auto Brightness option will probably be rendered useless. The folks over at iFrogz have just notified us that their cases now do have an opening for the ambient light sensor, so ignore our previous comment. Other than that, we didn’t really find any other major flaws. Everything worked as it should. For the most part, iFrogz’s Treadz will do an excellent job of protecting the iPod Touch from small falls as well as regular wear and tear.

The iFrogz iPod Touch Treadz case is available for purchase for $19 on iFrogz’s website. A protective film to protect the screen, which we highly recommends, will run you another $3. Follow the link provided below to buy your own iFrogz case for your 8GB/16GB Apple iPod Touch.

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