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How To: Share Torrents With “Dummies”
March 4, 2008 11:13 PM


I’m sure most of you geeks out there have run into the issue of trying to help someone download a torrent at some point. To save you folks some time, I suggest using BitLet to send torrent files to people who don’t have BitTorrent clients installed. If you haven’t heard of BitLet, it’s a simple web-based client which will allow download torrent files right from your browser without the need to install additional software. As long as the downloader has a fairly recent version of Java installed, there shouldn’t be any issues. The service is completely free but is still in beta an “experimental” project. I tested the service a few times and it functioned as advertised without any hiccups.

So to help out your client-less friends, tell them to paste the .torrent URL of the file they are trying to download into the box on BitLet.org. And if you’ve already got the .torrent link and are attempting to help them download it, just use the formula below (without the brackets).

http://www.bitlet.org/?torrent=[URL To .torrent File]

BitLet should launch a new window and the file should begin downloading after a destination of where to save the file is chosen. Overall BitLet is a great little tool to help downloading torrents for dummies. It also comes in handy if you are trying to download a file on a machine that doesn’t allow installing new applications. To make this even easier BitLet has a neat little set of bookmarklets on their site so you don’t even need to deal with copy and pasting. And on another note, if you are looking for a lightweight yet powerful BitTorrent Client checkout uTorrent (personal favorite!).

Link: BitLet.org | Bookmarklet

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