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Logitech VX Nano Mouse (Review)
March 25, 2008 11:36 PM

Logitech VX Nano Mouse

The Logitech VX Nano is a tiny portable wireless mouse which features many of the controls a standard desktop mice usually have. The VX Nano has an impressive build quality, is durable, looks stylish, and has true functionality. This product is most notable for it’s unusually small transmitter.

The Buttons – 4/5 stars
The VX Nano houses the standard left and right click buttons which have a good tactile feedback. The scroll wheel can be “frictionless” meaning it can be flicked up or down to quickly drop through pages or can have “notches” so that you can feel each bump while it’s rotating. All you have to do is push in the button to toggle between the two modes. The entire wheel can also be leaned left or right for horizontal scrolling. The search key directly below the wheel functions as a middle-click button. The mouse also features back and forward keys, however they are awkwardly placed on top of the mouse which takes some getting used too. The mouse could have allowed more productivity if those to buttons were moved to the sides.

Transmitter – 5/5 stars
The RF transmitter which plugs into the USB port on you computer is probably one of the most impressive aspects of this product due to its size. Since the receiver is so small, it can be left in the USB port while laptops are placed into a bag without having to worry about it snapping off. In addition the receiver also pops into the battery compartment under the mouse for storage. In addition I’ve been told that if you do happen to loose the transmitter, Logitech sells replacements for an reasonable price. The mouse has a fairly good range and worked when I was over 15 feet away from my computer.

Logitech VX Nano Mouse Accessories

Included Items – 5/5 stars
Logitech provides a neat little pouch for storing the mouse when traveling which is a neat little addition. A little USB extender with a base is also included so you won’t have to reach behind your computer if you are using a desktop. I also found it useful since I could just use it to plug in flash drives easily. In addition to those and the mouse itself, you’ll find two AAA batteries, a CD with drivers, and a user manual.

Other Information
The VX Nano also has a very impressive battery life. According to Logitech it should last for about six months of use. The mouse also uses a 848nm laser which is fairly accurate. It is plentiful for performing most tasks, however if you plan on editing tiny details in Photoshop or playing hardcore video games, you probably should get a different mouse. The VX Nano started working immediately without drivers on both Windows Vista/XP and Apple OS X Leopard. Further button customizations are available if the software is installed. Logitech also offers a 3-year limited warranty to support the product.

Overall the Logitech VX Nano is a pretty impressive mouse on many aspects. It probably shouldn’t be a replacement for a desktop mouse since it is quite small, unless you have small hands of course. Other than that it seems quite durable and will probably last quite a long time before it wears out. This is probably a prefect mouse for traveling. The mouse was originally quite expensive when it was released ($70 MSRP), however it is now available for $55 on Amazon. (I’ve seen it for even lower on sale!)

Buy: Logitech VX Nano – $55 – Amazon (ships free + no tax)
Links: VX Nano Cordless Mouse

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