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Black Friday 2009 Tech Buying Guide
November 22, 2009 01:29 PM

Black Friday 2009 - Tech Buying Guide
Black Friday is just 5 days away. In all the chaos that’s bound to happen, it’s best to plan before heading out. To help all you geeks out there, we’ve got a “master list” to all the tech deals out there. This includes just about everything from Cameras, DVDs, Flash Drives, GPS Navigators, Hard Drives, Laptops, Memory Cards, Phones, Printers, Routers, TVs, and Video Games. So before you to show up at a random electronics store on November 27th, look through our tech guide. Don’t be unprepared. The file includes a comprehensive list of names of retail stores, opening times, items, and their prices listed.

black-friday-2009-tech-buying-guide.xlsx (~116 KB)
Download is only a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. We don’t distribute spyware/malware/adware.

I should also mention that Skatter Tech did not create this list, only modified it. I found it on who updated the list. I’ve stripped out everything that doesn’t have to relate to gadgets for all you geeks out there! I’ll do my best to add any new information thought the next few days.

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