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Lost Planet 2 (Preview)
January 18, 2010 11:03 PM

There were high hopes for the announcement of Lost Planet 2 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC given the success and popularity of the original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. During Capcom’s Press Event at CES 2010, Skatter Tech was able to take a look at the upcoming sequel and check out the dramatic changes that have been made thus far. After playing the demo and getting a walk through of new gameplay mechanics, I’m pleased to say that all of these changes have added to an already great game.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition held up well against competing titles like Unreal Tournament III and the original Gears of War. The game shined in its visuals and snow-themed environments along with addicting gameplay. It was an experience all in itself to simply get lost going through these lush backdrops with vibrant colors and aesthetically disturbing enemies. Lost Planet 2 stays true to the jaw-dropping visuals of the first game by including new types of environments to trek through. An unexplained rise of temperature in the plot accomplishes this. This gives way to areas such as jungles, deserts, and other diverse locations previously untouched by the series.

The enemies continue to look grotesque and it becomes a guilty pleasure to see what the next creature will look like in its own demented and beautiful way. The bosses will redefine epic for quite nicely. The most current generation of games coming out has put an emphasis on boss battles growing to immense proportions. Lost Planet 2 is no different. The demo boss alone takes up an enormous amount of space, traversing across the entire stage leading up to his encounter. Capcom assured me that each boss would be similar and continue to grow as you progress through the game and even informed me of one boss fight that you could go inside of to destroy due to its ridiculous size.

Besides the stunning visuals, the gameplay elements and new mechanics will keep you addicted and your controller busy. This time around even more character types are available and can all be customized as your experience progresses through the game. Along with the character adapting and becoming stronger, you also continue to unlock weapons and customize them in a similar fashion. Using a similar point system as its predecessor, Lost Planet 2 allows you to gain thermal energy and battle points as you play. Using these points also makes customizing your character and equipment a breeze. These RPG elements adds a lot more depth to this sequel and brings something for any veteran of any genre.

Outside the story, the multiplayer contains modes such as 4-player campaign, 16-player versus, and others included in the past Lost Planet games. With so many ways to play this game, competitive or otherwise, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be drawn into the world of Lost Planet. With Lost Planet 2 coming out this year, keep an eye on Skatter Tech for more news and a release date along with our review of the game.

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