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Mega Man 10 (Preview)
January 13, 2010 07:20 PM

This is a personal favorite of mine. Mega Man 9 was such a huge success among fans of the “returning” series and the confirmation of a sequel at CES was truly exciting. Mega Man 10 plans to pick up on that 8-bit glory while changing some of the gameplay elements to further improve the overall experience. Mega Man 9 left newcomers crying across the country due to the excruciating difficulty that the series brings back from its roots in the older titles. To them I say, suck it up and earn the M. Buster. Capcom, however, has taken a more sympathetic approach and is bringing you a brand new Mega Man.

The difficulty levels of Mega Man 10 offers a more varied experience in response to the overwhelming obstacles in its predecessor. Each of the 5 difficulties, ranging from ‘Very Easy’ to ‘Very Difficult,’ change the level entirely. Capcom does this by adding new enemies, fewer platforms, and even alters your opponents’ attacks. This new style assures that everyone can beat the level. More experienced gamers will come back to these levels on more aggressive settings just to see how hard a level can get.

In addition, Mega Man 10 now offers the ability to begin story mode as either Mega Man or the prototype before him, Proto Man. This is great since you previously couldn’t use Proto Man unless you purchased him as downloadable content (DLC) in Mega Man 9. The plot will have more depth since it incorporates both these heroes’ story lines as well. Also, a secret third playable character was mentioned, but hasn’t yet been revealed. I’m crossing my fingers to see Zero in 8-bit, but with that said, it’s much more likely that Bass will be available. He did, after all, make a guest appearance at the end of Mega Man 9.

This time around, Mega Man 10 further adds to its replay value with new modes for players to struggle through. You will definitely be getting your money’s worth with modes like Mega Man Challenges that demand quick responses and even quicker footwork to complete. Also, even more achievements will be available to assure that you will want to come back for more. You are assured there will be much more to look forward to with this game even after you think you’ve mastered it.

This game is definitely one to look out for when it becomes available in March 2010 as a digital download on Wii Ware, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network. Although unannounced, it is expected that pricing will be around the same as the wide range of DLC. Mega Man 10 is looking like it’s going to deliver quite well on the promised nostalgia and difficulty its unique gameplay provides.

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