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In Photos: Apple iPad
April 6, 2010 02:24 PM

While I picked up an Apple iPad for review on April 3rd, I’ve still haven’t had a chance to finish my review. Engadget, The New York Times, All Things Digital, and plenty of others have offered their take. As I finish up my review, here are the product shots that will be going into the review:

The iPad definitely sports an attractive design. Apple deserves plenty of credit. While even netbooks incite fear of complication, this doesn’t. There’s nothing here that will overwhelm the average consumer. While oversimplifying technology may result in a loss of features, there’s a lot it still has to offer. But that’s all saved for my review. To stay notified, subscribe to our RSS Feed or sign up for Email Subscriptions. If you haven’t heard, we’re also on Facebook and Twitter!

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