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Vevo Live-Streams The National On YouTube
May 12, 2010 11:29 PM

YouTube is hands down the most popular, user-friendly video-sharing tool available online. Vevo is also well-recognized as the music counterpart for Hulu. Both companies have teamed up in the past to offer free access to popular music videos for the YouTube community. This time around, YouTube and Vevo are attempting to redefine what live-streaming can do for music aficionados and Alternative rock fans alike. The National concert streaming live in Brooklyn on May 15th will be the first of many performances that will be available in entirety on YouTube presented by Vevo.

YouTube’s live-streaming isn’t exactly revolutionary for the online community. There have already been a couple of political and music events that YouTube has covered, even some with a level of interaction for its audience. What makes this upcoming Saturday a big deal is that Vevo is on board, bringing with it copyrights and a magnitude of access that didn’t exist prior to its involvement. Thanks to Vevo’s immense ad revenue, along with American Express’ sponsorship, fans can sit at home and enjoy The National perform hits from their latest album, “High Violet,” completely free of charge. What gives this webcast its true potential is a promise of future collaboration between Vevo, YouTube, and even American Express.

The National is participating for a purpose beyond simply promoting their new album. The concert will take place on May 15th at 8PM EST in Brooklyn for the Red Hot Organization, an AIDS beneficiary that brings together musicians, directors, and other artists to raise awareness and reach out to help those with HIV and AIDS. As the organization puts it, Red Hot is “dedicated to fighting AIDS through pop culture.” And what better way to move forward than by using YouTube to raise awareness. Red Hot is a perfect example of how organizations today acknowledge how much attention online media and streaming videos are getting. In this generation, the online community is a vital part of pop culture and artists of all kinds realize that reaching out to their prospective audiences through this medium will help them be heard.

Artists have been able to take advantage of media sharing in the same way organizations like Red Hot have to become recognized. However, piracy and illegal media sharing over the Internet has boomed over the past few years. Regardless of how controversial it is, it’s getting harder and harder for musicians to reach out to their fans turn their success into revenue. Some artists have reacted negatively and ultimately lost support amongst their audience by calling out those who pirate their music and completely turning their back on media sharing. Others, the more well-liked ones, have done just the opposite and have made more of their music available for free. That’s exactly why websites such as YouTube and Vevo are growing, because the public is in search of free, popular entertainment.

Whether or not you are a fan of The National, this is a big event for the online community. It represents how pop culture is undeniably linked to Internet media. It shows the potential of live-streaming: bringing fans and the public quality entertainment digitally. It is one of the many reasons the Internet is growing as a medium for artists and organizations to successfully socialize with their audience. If you are a fan of The National, I strongly suggest checking out their album “High Violet,” and prepare yourself for a truly engaging experience this Saturday. There is no longer the inconvenience of traveling or having to leave a hefty workload or finals behind. Just imagine being able to watch your favorite band at your own convenience and comfort. Like The National has said, “this is nothing like it was in my room.”

Links: YouTube | Vevo | Red Hot | The National | High Violet

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