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Motorola Plans for a New 2 GHz Smartphone
June 11, 2010 11:58 PM

It seems like this is the week for smart phone announcements. In his June 9th speech at the Executives Club of Chicago, Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola’s consumer business and mobile devices division, discussed plans of a new 2GHz smart phone being introduced by the end of the year. This follows Jha’s vision that in the near future highly capable smart phones will ultimately replace laptops altogether as the top user choice for computing on the go.

The new Motorola phone will be Android based and is a direct answer to Apple’s new iPhone 4. Like the new iPhone, it too will support video, contain a gyroscope, and have at least a five megapixel camera. However, Motorola won’t stop there. The new phone will apparently sport everything that is technologically conceivable for a smartphone at this time. This includes the 2GHz processor, a significant step up from the usual 1 GHz, along with an Nvidia Tegra graphics processor, Flash 10.1, and HD video output.

In the last decade, most people have shifted from primarily using desktops to laptops, and more recently have started switching from laptops to netbooks. Now, it looks like smart phones want to be the next top computing device. In order for smart phones to be able to compete with laptops, however, it is vital that they have similar if not better specs than laptops or netbooks. Today’s smart phones simply aren’t strong enough to fully replace laptops. Yet. Motorola is trying to change the field of smart phones by upping the standards and increasing the processing power on smart phones to be closer to that of a standard netbook’s. Although they are not quite on par with laptops and netbooks in terms of performance and computing power yet, these changes are definitely steps in the right direction.

However, I can’t truly say that I want to see the day when smart phones replace laptops to come. Lets be serious, there is more to it than just raw specs. Smart phones might be more convenient in the sense that they are more mobile than netbooks, but I for one like the larger and more tactile feel of netbooks. In my opinion, trying to fit a host of features into such a tiny device makes the controls cluttered and confusing at best. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m against nicer and more powerful phones; I just think that replacing laptops with smart phones will be more of a hassle than a convenience for users.

When all is said and done, the battle between Android and Apple is driving the smart phone market towards smaller and more powerful phones. At this point, the new Motorola phone seems to be a real contender for the iPhone and a game changer. With its supposed gyroscope, Nividia Tegra graphics processor, 2GHz processor, and HD video among other features, the new Motorola phone seems to have everything the new iPhone has and then some. I can’t say that I’m disappointed in any way with Motorola. If Jha plans on a world where smart phones gradually take over netbooks and laptops, he might have his work cut out for him. However, the idea behind Motorola’s new launch takes him and his company that much closer to this goal.


Source: Conceivably Tech

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