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Video Demo: Swype For HTC EVO 4G
June 19, 2010 11:41 AM

Not a fan of touch screen keyboards? Well, it’s time to change your mind. The creators of Swype, not to be confused with Skype, have reinvented the virtual keyboard. Remember T9 predictive typing from an alphanumeric keypad? Forget the horrors, it’s over. Typing with a Swype-enabled on-screen keyboard on an Android phone is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Finger pecking at letters to form words is now an unnecessary burden. With the upgraded keyboard, users can literally swype over a set of keys to form a word without ever lifting a finger. It’s hard to explain in writing, so my quick video demonstration that will better explain the process:

Those ready to test the beta version can visit and register. It’s unclear how long the company will continue to accept registrations, so hurry if  interested. There’s also a humorously long 23 step guide to get it working on an Android phone. But don’t be intimidated, it took under 5 minutes to get working. And as I said in the video, the Swype keyboard made my mobile phone typing at least 3-4 times faster within a few minutes of use. It’s definitely worth a look at.


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