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Apple Press Event: Liveblog
September 1, 2010 10:03 AM

Apologies for the lack of pictures, but since I do not own a Mac to watch the liveblog, it’s going to be tough.

10:01am: Steve Jobs is on stage and talking about the new Apple Stores.

10:06am: Apple states that 120 million iOS devices have been shipped since it’s launched, this includes iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

10:08am: iOS 4.1 will fix a lot of bugs such as proximity sensor, Bluetooth, and iPhone 3G performance.

10:09am: With the new version of iOS, there will be an HDR function in the camera app.

10:11am: Game Center, announced during the iOS 4 event, will finally be available in the new iOS 4.1. Game Center brings together all your games, to check leaderboards, challenge others and even earn achievements.

10:15am: iOS 4.1 will be available sometime next week for iPod Touch and iPhone.

10:16am: A sneak peek at iOS 4.2, it will bring everything from the iPhone/iPod Touch to the iPad. It will be available in November of this year. It will have a few new features such as printing and AirPlay. AirPlay is AirTunes, renamed, allowing users to stream content from/to their devices.

10:17am: Steve Jobs is demonstrating iOS 4.2 right now.

10:20am: Jobs is now quoting sales figures for iPods, 275 million devices sold.

10:21am: New designs for all the iPod this year.

10:22am: Unlike the previous generation of the Shuffle, the new model actually has buttons! Very similar to the 2nd generation shuffle. It includes VoiceOver for songs, playlists, and even when the battery needs charging. Has a battery life of 15 hours and the 2GB version will be available for $49.

10:24am: The new Nano is going to have multitouch. It’s very small, it even comes with a clip, similar to the Shuffle. Also, nearly half as small with 24 hour audio playback.

10:27am: Jobs is demoing the Nano right now.

10:32am: New iPod Touch is even thinner and includes the same retina display as the new iPhone 4. It also includes the Apple A4 chip, 3 axis gaming, and FaceTime as well. Additionally a rear facing camera with HD video recording and it has 40 hours of video playback.

10:35am: All the new iPods will be available starting today, but pre-orders will begin today.

10:36am: Steve is now showing off the new iPod commercials.

10:38am: On to iTunes, more stats: 11.7 billion songs, 450 million TV episodes, 100 million movies and 35 million books.

10:39am: iTunes 10 will have a new logo, a few tweaks to the interface.

10:41am: iTunes 10 will have Ping, a social network for music discovery. This will allow users to see what people they follow are listening to. Artists can also be followed through Ping, so when the artist has upcoming events or new songs, it will automatically be available to followers.

10:44am: With Ping, users can be as public or private as they want, meaning they can choose to approve every single person that wants to follow them, or just be public and let anyone follow without the need for approval.

10:46am: Steve is demoing Ping for iTunes 10.

10:50am: Ping will not only be available for the computer, but for the iPod Touch and iPhone as well. “Ping is a social network for music.”

10:51am: And now the obligatory “One more thing…”

10:51am: This is all about the Apple TV. Jobs admits that the product was not the hit that everyone wanted it to be, but customers who used it were really happy.

10:54am: Introducing a new Apple TV for today, it’s a quarter the size of the original. On the back it has HDMI, Wi-Fi and a power slot.

10:55am: No more storage or purchasing on the Apple TV. Users can only rent movies and TV shows.

10:56am: For first run movies, the HD version will be $4.99. To rent TV shows, it’ll be $0.99 per show. As of now, only ABC and Fox have gotten onboard.

10:58am: Netflix users can stream movies through the device for free, can also stream content from the computer, YouTube or Flickr.

11:00am: Jobs is now Demoing the new Apple TV.

11.08am: The new Apple TV will be cut from $299 to $99 and will be available in  the next 4 weeks.

11:13am: Chris Martin from Coldplay is now on stage and performing.

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