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Introducing Qawker For WordPress
February 14, 2011 01:48 PM

Last week, Gawker Media launch a full-blown re-design to all their blogs including Lifehacker and Gizmodo. Rather than going for a traditional post-above-post blog layout, their designers tried to reinvent the wheel. Although the new layout has received plenty of criticism from readers, I actually found the revamp quite refreshing. A handful of bugs, some compatibility issues, and slow speeds are partially to blame, but I’m sure developers are working to make improvements quickly as possible.

I was a little bored and had some free time on my hand this weekend, so I decided to code an equivalent theme for WordPress users. Within about six hours and a few breaks, I had a nearly perfect replica without having to look at a line of their code. Like the original, my template features a two-pane interface with a full article on the left and a list of scrollable recent posts on the right. With a little jQuery magic, I managed to even get all the instant loading features working without having to force users to refresh pages. I also threw in support for comments and search.

Although I scrapped most of the code together rather quickly, I managed to get it working with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. Be warned about bugs since this is only my second venture into building a website aside from designing Skatter Tech 3.0 late last year. I released this WordPress template, which I appropriately named Qawker, into the official theme directory. My code is entirely open source, so feel free to make changes or improvements.

Links: Qawker Demo
Download: qawker.zip (v0.1.6)

Notice: I submitted Qawker to the official WordPress Themes Directory and it is awaiting approval.

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