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NeWs Up^2-DaTe (2)
February 24, 2005 07:23 PM

1) Sony Kills the PSX, which was a combination of a PS2, a Digital Video Recorder, and a DVD Burner. Sony was looking forward to launching the PSX in the U.S. but after failure in Japan they have decided to stick to highly awaited PS3 instead.
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2) Software Updates: Gaim 1.1.4 and Trillian 3.1 | Firefox v1.0.1 (Past Article)

3) Apple buying out TiVo? Rumers have been spreading around the web for about a month that Apple will buy out TiVo. Well this week major newspapers and sites have also been posting articles about this.
Link: Reuters

4) Apple releases a few new improved products. New iPod mini with 6GB instead of 4GB. Also a Photo iPod with 30 GB instead of the original 60Gb. They did this so it is more affordable.
Link: iPod mini | iPod Photo

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