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April 14, 2005 07:27 PM

I was searching online, about how to set up a “Podcast” through my blogger site. I first thought about recording some audio, then uploading it and placing a link to it on a new post. But then if found AudioBlogger. It was created by Listenlab, who has formed a partnership with Blogger. This is a free service, and it comes with no catches whatsoever. All you do is visit their site through the link provided below and register. Then you will be given 1-661-716-BLOG. [P.S. (661) is the area code for Bakersfield, CA.] When you call this number, you enter the phone number you provided during registration and the 4-digit pin. You will be allowed to record a 5-min cast. Then the user will be able to post it from their phone, re-record, or cancel it. If you press post the file is instantly stored on AuidoBlogger’s site, and they will create a new post on your blog. The service is great the only drawback is the fact that you don’t have an option of entering in a title or the body until you get back to you computer. You will be able to delete the file from the settings in you Blogger account. Their website states that they are also working on Speech-2-Text, but they don’t say when that will be available.

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