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April 15, 2005 06:47 PM

1) Firefox 1.0.3 is out! They have updated a few security issues, and they have fixed the Add and Remove Programs list bug. This means that we no longer need to uninstall the old version to install the new one. They have fixed the update feature so it won’t take a long time to update your plugins. Make this update to stay safe.
Link: Download Firefox | ChangeLog | +digg | digg
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2) European PSP launch date is going to be released during E3 which is in MAY. Also Sony and GameIndustry said that the date for launch is either going to be in August or September. The new xBox 360 and the PS3 will be displayed in E3 next month as well.
Link: GameIndustry | +digg | digg

3) Leo Laporte said that he is starting a new Audio Podcast show on Monday called “The Revenge of the Screen Savers”. To get this Podcast either use Firefox or some Podcast program.
Link: LeoVille Blog | iPodderX (Program) | LaporteReportFeed
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4) AOL Media Player BETA 3 is out for testing. I don’t know why anyone would want to use this unless they are forced to because they are an AOL subscriber. All Windows users have Windows Media Player and all Apple users have Quicktime. AOL also dosen’t state that they have any special or unique features that would convince people to switch to their program.
Link: BETA News | FileFourm
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5) Wireless USB features and standards will be finalized next month. The current settings for it will be up to 480Mbps within a 3M range and slower speeds within a 10M range. They are expecting Wireless USB 1.0 products to be on store shelves by mid-2006. They also are hoping for speeds up to 1GB, which even wired has not reached, to be in the market by 2010.
Link: MacWorld | +digg | digg

6) No word on this yet, but Gmail’s website looks like they just gave away free invites to all users with Google Accounts. This is probably just the next step towards going public. Also their inbox size is about 2097 GBs! Gmail is also working on adding RSS and ATOM feeds into their site and their calling it WebClippings. It’s currently only avaliable to some random users. Take a look at the right column on this blog to see places where you can get my site feed from.
Link: Gmail | Gmail Invites | WebClippings1 | WebClippings2
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