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xBox 360 Images Fake?
April 24, 2005 03:32 PM

I have been searching the web for images of the new xBox 360 and I have to say I no longer can tell which ones are real and which ones are fake. Most of the images I found, from big websites are not exactly working out when you put them together. The the picture that I found that was the most displayed image everywhere was this one. I then started to compare it with this one, and I started to notice many differences. The first thing I saw was the eject button. It is facing up in one image and facing left in the other. Then I saw the shape of the hard drive on the left side. It was buldging out in one image and not in the other. Then there seemed to be some sort of status indicator on one image, which was not to be seen on the other one. I also looked at the curvature of the unit and it is curved a lot in the first image, but it’s barley curved in the second image. The last thing I noticed was the way “memory unit” was written on the xBox. In one image it is engraved it and Memory Unit is capitalized, while the second unit has it all lowercase in a different font and it was painted on. I don’t know which image is real, or if any of them are real if anyone know please post your comments below.

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Update: (07/25/05) The xBox 360 is set to hit the market around December 2005! (PS3 around Spring 06) Some of the images above were fake, but now since Microsoft themselves released it, we know know which images are accurate! All the links provided below are 100% accurate because they have been published by Microsoft’s xBox 360 division!

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