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NeWs Up^2-DaTe (12)
May 6, 2005 05:31 PM

MSN Music | Memory Stick | Silver PS2 | ABC/PSP | PS3/xBox | PGC

1) MSN Music Store Buy 1 Song Get 5 Free (Looks like Microsoft doesn’t have too many customers.) Create more accounts to re-use offer.
Link: Music Store | digg | +digg

2) Memory Stick Duo Pro 1GB $104 from Amazon. There is also no shipping cost or tax! This item might be out of stock so make sure they have some before ordering. (Amazon still lets users make orders even if they don’t have the item in stock.)
Link: Amazon | digg | +digg

Fun Note: PSP Background turns Green. The order is: 1 Silver, 2 Yellow, 3 Lime, 4 Pink, 5 Green, 6 Light Purple, 7 Light-Blue, 8 Blue, 9 Purple, 10 Gold, 11 Brown, and 12 Red.
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3) Sony released the Slim PS2 Silver Edition in UK. No word on when this will reach the U.S. Also if you have the original PS2, there is no reason to upgrade to this because there are not to many differences. Only upgrade to the slim version if you want to play online a lot (because it has a built in network card) and you like to travel around with the unit. (Unit is about 1/10 the size.) Picture @ end of this post.

4) ABC News just announced that they will start to provide news in the .Mp4 format for the PSP. They will convert most of their news shows and place them online almost instanly and they claim that they will use RSS to allow people to get to the files they want instantly. This will soon start some sort of PSP Video/Audio Broad-Casting services. But the down side is the fact that there will be ads because this is being produced by major broadcasting companies.
Link: Sony Connect Video Downloads | My PSP Videos
Related: PSP Hacks5) PS3 will be 3x faster than the xBox 360. Rumers are spreading on the web that Sony is placing an extremely fast processor into it’s upcoming PS3, Microsoft stated that it would be useless because there would be no games that would take advantage of it. They also stated that the xBox 360 may not have more processing power, but they will be able win in the market because they have better games and overall specifications that will boost the popularity of their unit. Sony is also apprently making games that will support the full hardware specs, and also the processing speed is not only for games. But it will also be used for music, movies, photos, online play, dvd burning, recording tv, and many other media related things.
Link: Kotaku | …

6) Nintendo making a Portable GameCube? After the specs and games that the Sony PSP offered destroyed Nintendo’s line of GameBoys. They might acutally be working on a Portable GameCube type of device that acutally plays games of GameCube discs. There are two pictures available on the web currently, but there is to evidence to state whether this is real, and if it is if it is really going to be made. They also seem to be trying to make it a Mp3 player as well, you can tell by looking at the closed image.
Link: Engadget

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