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May 27, 2005 07:07 PM

4GB Shuffle | Yahoo Photos | iGoogle | Azureus Update
From The Shadows | Systm | MSN Maps

1) Apple iPod Shuffle going 2GB and 4GB this summer! Many blogs are revealing that Apple is planning to release a 2GB and 4GB version of their current 1GB shuffle. Major drawback, it will be impossible to find a song that you like while having to shuffle or click through your entire collection of songs. This product will be useless unless they decide to provide a screen.
Link: +digg | digg | BetaNews | MacNN

2) Yahoo! Photo Email Upgrade. Yahoo! email will soon allow emailing photos up to 300 Hi-Res images at once. It will work by uploading photos to Yahoo’s server and then providing thumbnail links in messages to the actual full-sized images. This is currently a BETA service. MSN currently offers a very similar feature to paid MSN/Hotmail accounts.
Link: Yahoo! Photo Mail (IE Only) | News-COM | BetaNews

3) iGoogle is here! Google is constantly adding features to their online services. Their latest feature is a personal portal similar to My MSN, My Yahoo!, and My Aol. They have merged Gmail, Personal Search History, Google Groups, and many more services into this personal portal. All you need to do now is login and set the new google url as your homepage.
Link: iGoogle | Google Labs
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4) Azureus JAVA BitTorrent Client update to v2.3.0.2. Now faster and uses less RAM and CPU. Also updates the built in tracker with a new modified layout and other features.
Link: Azureus | ChangeLog

5) From The Shadows Box 3.0 was released on Wednesday. This episode is about WiFi WEP cracking, spoofing security cameras, WarDriving, PSP Antenna MOD, and more. Previous episodes: Box 2.0 StarWars LightSabers & Box 1.0 PSP WiFi capabilites. *BitTorrent Required 2 Download.
Link: From The Shadows 3.0 | FTS 4 the PSP
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6) Systm was released on Monday. Another extremely good online technology show. Made by the creators of The Broken. The first episode was about snooping in on security cameras using a homemade “WarSpyingDevice.” First episode is 10mins long and is available in plenty of formats. *BitTorrent Required 2 Download.
Link: Systm | The Broken
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7) MSN is working on a satellite mapping service. This is in retaliation towards Google’s Keyhole mapping service using Google Maps. MSN is most likely going to use TerraServer, a satellite imaging company they already own.
Link: MSN SandBox | Terra Server
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Other: iTunes will support Podcasting in their next major release. No specific details available yet. | TWIT (This Week in Tech) #6 released on monday. Latest Technology Podcast.

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