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xBox 360 Pix Rolling Around
May 10, 2005 02:19 PM

Pictures of the xBox 360 seem to have been leaked before E3. First came the picture of the entire Unit, which looks very similar to the fake photoshop images that were spreading around for a while. That picture also has a view of a wireless headset, for xbox live, images of a wireless xbox controler, which is a standard, and some sort of webcam (or even an eyetoy). Then soon after a picture of the remote control for the xBox 360 came out, which tells us that xBox will be running some type of Windows OS on it because of the “Start” button, most likley a media center. And finally a close up image of the controller came in. All the buttons and controls seem to same as the original, but then it looks like the xBox logo on this controler seems to be a button. I’ll update this post as more images and news spreads.
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