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June 11, 2005 06:28 PM
Gaim | Samsung (2) | Tech Shows | IE Tabbed | Others

1) Gaim v1.3.1 is out. Gaim is once again a All-In-One open-source messenger client. 100% free no ads or spyware. They have managed to fix 2 security holes that involved MSN Remote DoS and Yahoo Remote Crash. Everyone should upgrade to be safe.
Link: Gaim | Security Fixes
Related: Trillian (another client)

2) Samsung Stuff
a) WiFi enabled Mp3 players are closer than ever. These new WiFi Mp3 players will allow anyone to purchase (and download) music directly from their Mp3 player without the need of a computer. (will probably need to register and setup account first time) They will allow users to connect to multiple music stores, as well as downloading podcasts, streaming radio, and music previews.
b) i730 for Verizon Wireless to be launched June 23rd! It runs Windows Mobile 2003 SE, EV-DO, QWERTY Keyboard, 64MB RAM, 802.11b, and Bluetooth. Probably the best phone Verizon has ever had.
Link: Engadget Mp3 Player | i730

3) Tech Shows
a) Systm 2 – MythTV is here
b) This Week In Tech (TWIT) – 8 is here.

4) Internet Explorer Tabbed Browsing available. It is not yet IE v7.0, but is an addon provided by Microsoft through the latest version of MSN Toolbar. The download also includes MSN Desktop Search. This is no where as good as Firefox’s features, but is a good start.
Link: MSN Toolbar | Firefox

5) Others:
a) QuickTime 7.0 Windows Preview available.
b) PS3 to have Linux on Hard Drive
c) Aim Exploit / Crasher

Note: Sorry for late posts, I was studying for finals. I’m working hard on my website full time now so expect to see a lot more posts and a lot more great hacks/tricks. Also, so everyone knows, all content shown on this site is meant only for personal purposes. None should be used to damage anything in anyway or cause harm to others.

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