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June 17, 2005 07:09 PM

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1) Google has created 4 new ad link formats. All are in the formation of a line and have either 4 or 5 related ads. Google RSS/Atom ads should be open to all users very soon, currently only available to chosen users.
Link: AdSense Samples | +digg | digg

2) Here are some great sites to find deals, coupon codes, and freebies: CurrentCodes, FatWallet, TechBargains, ResellerRatings, DealCatcher, XpBargains, SlickDeals, and SaleCircular.

3) Sony BGM has sold ~2 million CDs with their new copyright protection. First, to copy the CD onto your WINDOWS computer you will need to install a little app to listen to the music, otherwise the CD will eject itself. Second, if you do install it you will only be able to copy the music in Microsoft DRM formats. (Microsoft WMA & Sony ATRAC) They will also limit the max burns to CDs to 3 times per song and a max of 3 transfers out to DRM enabled portable players. Apple computers will not be able to copy or even listen to the music because Apple declined to use DRM in their computers. This also means Apple’s iPod line of products won’t be able to play the music even if it is transferred from a Windows computer. BGM’s goal was to place locks/limits to prevent people from sharing their copied music on P2P and BitTorrent networks. Their CDs are also enraging many unaware customers, who have not been able to copy their music or even play them in their standard CD players or home/car stereos.
Link: MercuryNews | Reuters

4) TiVo – DirecTV has disabled the serial port channel-changing feature on their D10 units so that standalone TiVo boxes will not be able to record shows automatically. No word yet whether it was done purposely or was a bug. – TiVo Demos downloadable movie service (Netflix?) via Broadband. Service most likely allows downloading of movies (payperview) and probably has a 30-day store limit and a 24-hour limit once the movie is played.
Link: Wired (DirecTV) | PVR Blog (Downloads)

5) Others:
DivX 6.0 is out – allows creation of menus and chapters, similar 2 DVDs.
vSkype – add video to your VoIP conversations.
PSP Homebrew 9 – from the creators of PSPVideo9
Google Maps + Census Data

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