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June 28, 2005 10:54 AM

1) Skype v1.3.0.51 Released (06/22/05) – Free VoIP Client- Modifications of the program theme and fixed the problem so that contacts do not appear online when they aren’t. Major improvements in the look of the program and they have re-arranged many buttons and icons. Recent fixes: startup time shortened, voicemail plugin 4 non-subscribers, many new languages, contact importer, improved chat logs, and many more!
Link: Skype Home | Download Skype | Full ChangeLog

2) Azureus v2.3.0.4 is Out (06/27/05) – OpenSource JavaBased BitTorrent Client- The update consists of many minor bugfixes. Some fixes include: categories, average swarm speed, local tracker url, many DHT fixes, and more! See the full changelog for more details. Has many improvements so everyone should update!
Link: Azureus Home | Download Azureus | Full Changelog
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3) phpBB v2.0.16 is Here (06/27/05) – PHP based Message Board / Fourm – The update is made up of a few bugfixes and some major security updates. Update as soon as possible. Follow the link for full installation details and a full changelog.
Link: phpBB Home | Download phpBB | Full Changelog

4) VLC Media Player v0.8.2 Avaliable (06/26/05) – OpenSource media player, can play almost any format of media – Even though they are in the risk of being shut down due to patent violations, they still updated their program. This update includes: IE activeX fix, Pocket PC stream support, raw AAC, UDP->TCP rollover, TiVo support, motion filters, interface fixes, Mozilla plugin, and more. Everyone should update to the the latest version.
Link: VideoLan Home | Download VLC | Full ChangeLog

5) iTunes v4.9 is Finally Here (06/28/05) – Apple’s music jukebox – The main reason to update to v4.9 is because of the ability you will have to subscribe to PodCasts using RSS/Atom feeds directly from iTunes. the Podcasts will automatically be downloaded and transfered to your iPod as soon as they become available.
Link: iTunes Home | Download iTunes
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6) (a) Google launched Google Video Viewer on Monday. They finally have started to allow people to search for and download videos that phave been uploaded by users. It can only be uploaded with the Video Uploader and can only be viewed with the Video Viewer. (b) Google launched Google Earth BETA on 06/28/05 it is based of the satellite imagery company Keyhole, which they bought out a while ago.
Link: Google Video Search | Video Upload | Video Download
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