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Sony Ericsson & Napster Team Up
June 14, 2005 12:55 PM

With downloadable music getting so popular, Napster & Ericsson have decided to team up. Sony’s new phones will allow customers to transfer their music download through Napster from their PC to their cell phones. This was announced just a few months after Motorola and Apple made some agreements to allow users to transfer music through iTunes to their Moto phones.
There are no specific details on pricing or transfer method for either the Napster/Ericsson or iTunes/Motorola, but most details should be announced by the end of this summer. Nokia, another major phone maker, is planning to make deals with MSN (Microsoft) to allow transfer from the MSN Music Store (via WMP).
Napster & Ericsson are also working on another method of transfer, which would allow users to download music directly into their phone without the need of a computer. This is very similar to Samsung‘s new WiFi line of Mp3 player’s which will be doing the same. All of these are aimed towards the U.S. so get ready to start seeing this by the end of this summer.

Link: Google News | Engadget | Reuters | PCWorld

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