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July 23, 2005 08:46 PM

MSN Maps | Google Maps | Windows Vista | DVD-PSP | Playstation 05

1) Microsoft launches MSN Virtual Earth to compete with Google Maps. Their new product has satellite images of most areas throughout the U.S. and of course maps. It is hard to tell which service is better because MSN has better images in some areas, while Google has better ones in other places. MSN Virtual Earth is also includes satellite images with an overlay of maps on top. (Google does the same see #2). MSN also offers some tracking tools to find out your current location by using your IP address. (It is probably still in BETA because it tracked my location to Virginia when I was in California!) This service existed before (and still exists) and was called Terraserver, but has been given a new look and interface.
Link: MSN Virtual Earth | MSN Maps | Terraserver
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2) Google just launched Hybrid maps. When you visit Google Maps, you will have another option next to “Maps” and “Satellite” called “Hybrid”. If you click on this, you will now see a Satellite image in the background, but an overlay of maps on top. This works normally just as the other two would but makes it much easier that switching back and forth between Maps and Satellite.
Link: Google Maps | Google Earth (aka: Keyhole)
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3) Microsoft announces the official name for their next operating system called “Windows Vista,” (previous codename: Longhorn). The expected launch time is mid-2006. Microsoft didn’t state that there were any amazing unique features, but it is suppose to be faster, more secure, and better organized.
Link: Microsoft Windows Vista Offical Home Page
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4) DVD -> PSP – I have been ripping my DVDs and converting them to a format compatible with the PSP for a while now and I was planning to write up an article on the entire process, but it is no longer needed. Someone has gone through the process of created a flash animated video of the entire process. To complete this you will need DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink and PSPVideo9. I use a 1GB card, which is recommended. There are many alternatives to this method, but I found this one the easiest! (Also see Memory Stick Deals)
Link: DVD 2 PSP Guide (Direct Link) | via digg
Downloads: DVD Shrink | DVD Decrypter | PSPVideo9

5) PS3 and PSP – If you didn’t get a chance to see the “Sony Playstation 2005 Meeting” post, take a look! There is a lot of information on what levels Sony is taking the current PSP to. They are releasing a new White PSP and on July 27th 2005, everyone can update their PSP to v2.0. This will have a built in Web Browser, downloadable movies, and plenty of other features. (see the previous post for the full scoop) Sony has also announced that the PS3 has a definite launch date of spring 2006; they have already started to distribute the development kits so the expected date is likely.
Link: Sony Playstation Meeting (previous post)

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