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Result Of MSN Copying Google
August 10, 2005 12:21 PM

If you search for the phrase “desktop search” in Google’s search engine it brings up Google Desktop Search as the first result. Then if you search for it in Yahoo’s engine it brings up Yahoo! Desktop Search as their first result. (both as expected) They both advertise their products properly (prioritizing their own), but also provide results for competitor products after theirs. This is completely normal. But when you try out MSN’s Search you will see that Google’s Desktop Search hilariously appears at the top of this list. This is even above their over their own product. Let me know if im wrong, but if you have a product competing with another major company, wouldn’t you advertise it. I’m guessing, but this is what happens when MSN copies Google’s results. If MSN wants people to use their product then they should be advertising it over competitor products.

Link: MSN Search | Google Search | Yahoo! Search

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