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September 4, 2005 06:49 PM
ShrinkTo5 | Gizmo | Gmail | UMDs | Google Talk & Earth

1) ShrinkTo5 is a new opensource DVD Ripper. It is very similar to DvdShrink and DvdDecrypter, which are both great freeware programs, that have unfortunatley been discontinued due to legal issues. It currently is only supported on Windows, but a Linux version should be released soon. Nero also supports ripping and buring, but only for non-copyright protected DVDs.
Link: ShrinkTo5 | DvdShrink | DvdDecrypter

2) Gizmo Project reaches v1.0 – a free VoIP client that runs on windows, mac, and linux. It is one of Skype’s main compeditors. MSN, Yahoo, and Google (gtalk) all provide free VoIP for PC 2 PC calls in the latest versions of their messenger clients.
Link: Gizmo | Skype | MSN | Yahoo | Gtalk
Software-Updates: Skype v1.3.066 | MSN v7.5 | Yahoo! v7.0 | Gtalk v1.0.0.66
Related: MSN updated v7.0 to v7.5, which is the exactly same client and consists of all the same features, except for the fact that the voice chat feature is actually pure VoIP now!

3) Gmail allows connecting multiple Gmails accounts together – Just go to settings -> accounts -> add another email. By entering another email address into this field, it will allow you to send a message from this email address from the “From:” field in the Compose mode. (Note: if you have multiple accounts just fordward all messages to one account and you will still be able to send messages from multiple emails without needing to log into each one.)
Link: Gmail | Lifehacker | DownloadSquad

4) New Line Home Entertainment (as well as other major producers) is going to start to produce new movies in the UMD format for the PSP. The first six that will be released are: Elf, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Butterfly Effect, Freddy vs. Jason, Blade, and Second Hand Lions. All will released on October 4, 2005 for ~$19.99. Other major producers have already agreed to sell their movies in the PSP format and expect to see as many more PSP movies soon.
Link: Kotaku | PSP411 (Movie List)

5) Google Earth v3.0.0548 Beta has been released as well as Google Talk v1.0.0.66. Both are very minor updates, but if you have free time you may wish to try it out. Google Earth has fixed the overview window, graphics driver crash fix, KMZ/KML association fix, custom icons, balloon size, hyperlink error fix and more. Google Talk has only fixed some minor crash bugs and also some protocol errors that prevent making calls.
Link: Google Earth (digg) | Google Talk

Media Updates:
TWiT: 20 | 21
CommandN: 12 | 13
DiggNation: 9 | 10

(P.S. Thanks HackMyPSP for linking to the PSP Multiplayer Hack Video)

Note: “iPod Nano” information should be released soon! Keep checking back for more info as it is revealed. The current launch date for the iTunes phone and new iPods is 09/07/05!

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