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Google Reader Launched
October 8, 2005 09:14 AM

Google just launched an online news aggregator wich can read both RSS and Atom feeds. This service is still in BETA, but is accessable to all that have either a Google or Gmail Account. The iGoogle page already offers a similar feature by syndicating RSS/Atom feeds, but only generates links to the titles. This new service will be similar to NewsGator, BlogLines, Feedster, and Kinja currently offer. My Yahoo and My MSN (and My AOL BETA) are all more like iGoogle than the actual readers. This service can be used as an alternative to programs such as Mozilla Thunerbird. This service will allow you to get all the news that you want anywhere you have access to the internet. This will also make it easier to avoid running into ads and popups by directly accessing RSS and Atom content. Google has also created a Gmail like interface allowing you to leave items as un-read, read, or stared. Google Reader also allows emailing the articles (via Gmail) or blogging it (w/ Blogger). Another neat feature is the way you add feeds into the Reader. You can either search for a website’s name and it will show results of possible feeds or you can just manualy enter the feed url into the applet. This is a great tool even though it is still in BETA. Try it out and add this site in to test it out. (

Link: Google Reader | Google Labs
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