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iTrip Nano – Griffin Technology
October 21, 2005 03:28 PM

Griffin Technologies is getting ready to release a “iTrip” FM transmitter for the new iPod Nano. This iTrip, unlike any previous ones, is a little backpack for the iPod Nano, instead of just attaching onto the bottom or top. The new iTrip also utilizes the iPod Nanos LCD display and change frequencies, so no extra buttons are on the actual unit. The iPod Nano can be charged/synced while the iTrip 4 Nano is attached onto the unit. The iPod will also save three preset stations to make it easier to use. No batteries are required for the unit, however this means it will rapidly drain the battery life of your iPod Nano. (which is already too short) The iTrip 4 iPod Nano will go on sale sometime next month (November 05), but is currently available for pre-order at a price of $49.99.

Link: Grifin Technology – iTrip Nano
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