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October 16, 2005 09:46 PM
iMac G5 | MSN+Yahoo | Google Office | Other

1) Apple Releases iMac G5 w/ FrontRow, a new “media-center” like application (still Tiger OS X). This new computer has a new GUI to control Music, Photos, and Videos from a remote control. It also has a built in iSight, so no external units or cables are required to record video or participate in video chat rooms. The iMac comes in both 17″ and 20″ displays which can either run a 1.9Ghz or 2.1Ghz G5 proccessor. (128MB ATI Radeon) Finally it also comes with a built in AirPort card so no external cables or installation is required. See Apple’s website for more information.
Link: iMac G5 | Mac Mini
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2) MSN and Yahoo Messengers to be linked up soon. This means that if you log onto either MSN or Yahoo Messenger you will be able to communicate with eachother via text messages and/or voice chat. This new free service is expected to be launched Spring ’06, and everyone will be able to start to add contacts that are using either MSN or Yahoo!. Microsoft had tried to create an AIM compatible program with MSN Messenger a few years ago, but AOL decided not to allow such a compeditor to have access to their netowork. Thefore, it was soon shutdown.

“IM interoperability is the right thing for our customers, our businesses and the industry as a whole, and Microsoft is delighted to help lead these efforts with Yahoo,” Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer

Also when both these clients are combined they will make up about 44% of the online IM market. (AIM / ICQ make up ~56%) Another reason MSN and Yahoo have turned in this direction is to divert customers from using free VoIP clients such as Skype or even Google Talk
Link: MSN Messenger | Yahoo Messenger
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3) Google Office Soon??? – Google and Sun Microsystems had a meeting discussing the possiblities of creating a new verison of OpenOffice that could be available to all Google users, with special integration features. Open Office is an open-source java-based “ms office” like application that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing programs. Google’s motive to push this forward is to get Microsoft Office users away from Microsoft products. Google is expected to do some integration with Gmail, GTalk, and Desktop Search programs with OpenOffice. OpenOffice is free so download it from the link below.
Link: Internet News | OpenOffice

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