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Sony PSP Media Manager
November 1, 2005 01:13 PM

Since Sony launched the PlayStation Portable in March (’05), the unit has become a major hit. The unit was aimed to be a multimedia device instead of just a gaming unit. Unfortunately a majority of PSP owners are running into many problems while trying to figure out how to actually place media onto their PSPs. (photos, music, and videos) On Tuesday, 11.01.05, Sony released the PSP Media Manager to make transferring media to the PSP easier. The program will manager photos, music, videos, and RSS feeds. The Media Manager will convert videos into a compatible format to enable playback on the PSP. It will also rip CDs and convert them to Mp3 and tag them. This program also can aggregate RSS feeds and also organize video and audio podcasts. The only downside to this is the price. It will run you $29 for a retail box with a USB 2.0 cable (+5 music downloads) or only $20 for an online download.

I personally do not recommend purchasing this unless you absolutely do not know how to use a computer. There are free alternatives online which are also probably much better than this program. PSPVideo9 is a great program, which will convert almost any video into a PSP compatible format. Sony also offers a free iTunes-like program called SonicStage, which will manage music for your PSP. It can tag music, rip CDs, create album art, and much more. If you have these two programs installed already there is nothing more that the Media Manager can offer.

Link: Sony PSP Media Manager | BetaNews
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