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Agent 18 Shield for iPod Video
December 5, 2005 05:39 PM

iPod Video Agent 18 Case

Skatter Tech recently reviewed the Agent 18 case for the iPod Nano and now the same company has released a very simliar shield for the iPod Video. There are two versions available: one for the 30GB model and one for the thicker 60GB model. Both models will cost $24.99. Although Apple includes a softcase with the iPod (video) now, it is still worth buying an extra case because you will need to constantly be removing it from the case to control your unit. The Agent 18 Video Shield will protect all of the iPod, including the screen. They have left cutouts for bottom connector port, the hold switch, headphone slot, and the control wheel. Another case, for the iPod Video, that has recieved a good review is the Belkin Kickstand Case. (See links for images, info, and more…)

Link: Agent 18 | Video Shield
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