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Autofill v0.3 Offically Released
January 17, 2006 11:35 AM

Autofill v.3 Released

Autofill v.3 has been officially released on! There has been no working edition of Autofill since late November (2005) since Firefox 1.5 was released. This was very basic extension, but was a necessity! I’m amazed that Mozilla still has not decided to include a form filler as a part of Firefox already. Anyways this new edition, v.3, is 100% compatible with Firefox v1.5.

Skatter Tech had released a temporary edition of Autofill called v.25 a week after Firefox 1.5 was released. This extension worked for all Firefox users who had previously installed Autofill, but required tweaking of files if no previous edition of the extension existed. The problem was that the “OK” button didn’t work when creating new profiles. So v.25 fixed it for some users, but others needed to manually enter data into the .js files.

This is a must-have extension and is great because of its simplicity. Other form fillers like RoboForm exist, but are cut down in features unless you pay. They are also bulky and look awful. Autofill on the other hand is just simple and with one click all the highlighted forms will be filled.

Links: Autofill v.3 (mozdev) | Full ChangeLog
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