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PSP Blue Screen Of Death
January 3, 2006 03:54 PM

PSP Blue Screen
Many of you may have come across an article about six months ago (on sites such as [tag]digg[/tag]), which showed a crashed PSP with a blue screen. The image that was showed back then was actually a result of what would occur if your PSP were to crash when running a homebrew application. But the image seen above is actually a real Blue Screen that is a part of Sony’s PSP. From my experience I had never seen this screen before, but only appeared on my PSP with Firmware v2.60 when a game froze. The error message popped up when I accidentally hit the eject button on the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories UMD while the game was loading. (This might also occur if you put a PSP to sleep when a webpage is loading.) The actual error message says:

Setting Information is corrupted. Press the O button to repair and restore default settings. (displayed in 10 languages)

When this occurs none of the buttons function (even power switch) other than the O button. Once it is pressed it starts to restart and it goes through the startup splash screen. After that it displays the setup process that everyone goes through the FIRST time the PSP is turned. Also to note, the PSP that got a Blue Screen has never had any homebrew applications on it and has never been downgraded. There was no mention of this crash screen anywhere in the manual or online, if this has happened to you let everyone know by commenting below.

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