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Skatter Tech Widget 2.0
January 20, 2006 12:14 PM

Skatter Tech Widget

We have just released v2.0 of the Skatter Tech Widget. It displays the latest 5 stories from this site. It requires Yahoo! Widgets (aka Konfabulator) to run. (Mac + PC Support) This widget, as well as the previous one, are available for download in the Widget Gallery. The previous Skatter Tech widget was downloaded over 1000 times! This new widget has the same theme as our site does unlike the previous version. Some other features it has include setting update intervals to check for new stories. It also checks for new stories when the “X” button is clicked. (default 2 hour interval) The widget also has a search field so that all our archives can be searched though the widget. Please download a copy and leave it on your desktop for easy access to the latest stories from Skatter Tech.

Download: Skatter Tech Widget
Links: The Old Skatter Tech Widget
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