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February 17, 2006 07:05 PM

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Skatter Tech reported a few days ago that the Sony PlayStation 3 would have a built in hard drive. This information was partially false. Our source was a Business Week article, which claimed that the PS3 was loaded with some sort of hard drive. According to the PlayStation Global webpage the hard drive is suppose to be sold separately from the unit, which means it is either extenal or somehow goes into the unit. There is no word on this from SCEA yet, but if this is true we should expect that Sony will sell a bundle (aka. value pack) that includes a hard drive.

*Storage Media (HDD, “Memory Stick”, SD Memory Card, and Compact Flash) are sold separately. [From]

No one still knows the official launch date for the unit, but many speculate that it would be some time between September and October because the unit was still buggy. All of the Sony’s PlayStation sites clearly state that the PS3’s launch date will be “Spring 2006”. Another clue backing the late launch comes from GameStop, a large video game retailer. The store has already posted a list of launch titles. All 32 of the games have a release date of 10/01/06. (Each game is priced at $59.99)

PlayStation Global

Another speculation about the PS3 was whether Sony was bluffing on the fact that it can actually supports HD games in 1080p. Most were not sure for sure if Sony had reached this until a hint was given away in a survey Sony sent out to members. According to this the PS3 will be using Blu-Ray technology and can encode games the quality stated. The question states:

“The PlayStation 3 will include BluRay, the high definition DVD technology, and support games in resolutions of up to 1080p, (the highest supported standard on the market.)!” This proves that the PS3 may actually live up to its expectations.

Until SCEA makes their official press release no one will know about the true specs on the unit. For now according to PlayStation Global the PS3 has a “Spring 06″ launch, a deatachable 2.5” HDD slot, support for Memory Stick Media, bluetooth controlers, and can display content in 1080p. Anyways that’s the update on the information that’s been found so far. We will inform you if any new information is leaked or announced.

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