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SoftWare Up-Dates (5)
February 12, 2006 06:26 PM

SoftWare Up-Dates (5)

1) Firefox, the first security update for v1.5, has been released. To update if you already have v1.5 you no longer need to download an entire copy of Firefox. Just go to the toolbar and Help -> Check For Updates. This will automatically download a small patch and your program will be updated in a few seconds. If you still have an older version of Mozilla Firefox, please download a full copy from The update consists of security fixes, Mac OS X enhancements, and fixes of many memory leaks. (02/01/06)
Link: Get Mozilla Firefox | ChangeLog
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2) Digg just got a few new features: digg spy enhancements, mark stories “inaccurate”, and a profanity filter. Other features digg recently added include: an enhanced search and a “digg all” cloud. Digg has been continuously growing constantly, but is still about 60-70% the size of Slashdot. Skatter Tech was recently featured on digg and we received about 10,000 visitors in a day.
Links: | My Digg Profile | DiggBlog

3) Skype v2.0.0.81 has been released. It includes two minor bug fixes: removed unnecessary errors that appeared while participating in a video conference and also fixed the bug that would improperly close Skype if a USB drive was removed. Not necessary to update unless you are running into either of those two problems. They have also enabled support for the SkypeWeb API – Update is for Windows only – (02/08/06)
Links: Skype 4 Windows | ChangeLog

4) Google Desktop BETA v3.0 has been released. It now has more sidebar features and the ability search across multiple computers. Searches are now password-protected for privacy. The new API also allows anyone to create mini-apps. Some default ones they have created are for Gmail and another is for G-Talk. (02/09/06)
Links: Google Desktop | GoogleDesktopBlog

5) Azureus was finally released. It now allows transferring encrypted content back and forth to prevent anyone from viewing the content you are sharing or downloading. High-Speed transfers for computers on LANs. Algorithms to request pieces have been improved for better performance. The UI has been redesigned with performance improvements. There are a lot of changes since this is a major release, so see the Change Log for more details. Everyone should update when they get a chance. (02/10/06)
Links: Azureus Home | Change Log

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