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Windows Vista In 6 Editions
February 27, 2006 04:16 PM

Windows VistaMicrosoft has just announced that there will be six editions of Windows Vista available to the public. A recent accidental release by Microsoft indicated there would be eight editions, but Microsoft has stated that was a publishing error. Three of the six will be for home users, while the other two will be for business users. Because of European copyright laws, Microsoft will have to release another edition of Vista without Windows Media Player for some countries. (Not U.S.) The launch date nor the pricing for the new operating system has not been set yet, but is expected to be launched by the end of 2006.

The 6 Editions of Vista:

  1. Vista Business – includes tools for large and small companies to organize and manage all computers more efficently
  2. Vista Enterprise – all features of basic plus additional encryption for security and bitblocker to protect confidental data
  3. Vista Home Basic – only for those that want: internet, email, word processing, search tools, and basic security
  4. Vista Home Premium – all features of basic edition with new the aero theme and media center which links to xbox 360
  5. Vista Ultimate – all the features of business and home in one package
  6. Vista Starter – a low-cost edtion, which is cut down of most features and is target towards developing nations

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