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Google Acquires Writely
March 9, 2006 06:39 PM


On Thursday, January 9, 2006, Google publicly announced that they had acquired Writely. Writely is a company that offers a web-based word processing, which allows sharing documents online and collaborating among multiple users. The service does not require any additional software, but instead runs completely from any standard web browser. (AJAX powered) A BETA edition was released in August 2005 became extremely popular, with thousands of signups. No more signups will be allowed until the full transfer onto Google’s servers and protocols is complete. (sign up for the wait list)

Writely has publicly stated that they would keep offering their current services and no features would be compromised due to the acquisition. Since they are part of Google, many new search and collaboration tools with current Google Services will be integrated into the program. Even though saved documents may become indexed by Google’s servers, Writely stated that they would ensure user privacy. This may also be part of Google’s future plan to create a “Google Office” suite to compete with Microsoft Office Live. (google online calandar service expected soon)

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