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iTrip & iFM PSP – Griffin
March 20, 2006 09:49 PM

Griffin Technology iTrip & iFM & SmartShare

Griffin Technology recently announced three new products for Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP): iTrip PSP, iFM PSP, and SmartShare PSP. Their first product, iTrip PSP, is a FM tuner which streams audio to stereos. The second item, iFM PSP, allows listening to the radio and/or controling PSP music. Their third product, Griffin SmartShare, splits the audio for two headsets. All three of these look amazingly good because of their PSP-styled look. Although all three are a bit pricy, they are all brand-name products and seem very reliable. (Griffin iTrip Nano was amazing)

The first item, the Griffin iTrip Transmitter, is pretty much a “dock” in which the PSP can be placed into. (Similar to the iTrip Nano concept) The unit has a built in antenna, hardware controls, and a LCD display. (requires 2 AA batteries) The iTrip can broadcast 88.1 – 107.9MHz within a 10 – 30ft range. This unit currently available on the market for $50.

The second item, the Griffin iFM, is a FM Radio tuner for the PSP which connects to the PSP using a cable. (currently costs $50) The iFM is powered by the PSP and does not require any additional power supply. The unit can tune into stations 87.9 MHz – 107.9 MHz. The iFM will also functions as an external remote for the PSP (volume, track, play, etc.) and has a small LCD to display information. (has a pass-through port for headphones)

The last item is the Griffin SmartShare, which may sound like a pointless product, but can be very useful. The SmartShare is a splitter with individual volume controls so two persons can listen to music with standard headsets at once. This is an ideal product for people who are often in noisy areas and are trying to let others listen to their music. This item is a much cheaper than the other two products, costing only $15.

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