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Sprint – Ambassador Program
March 3, 2006 04:11 PM

Sprint Nextel

Sprint recently contacted Skatter Tech and offered us an opportunity to participate in their “Ambassador Program”. The program is for Sprint to help themselves learn more about their products and services; they do so by selecting individuals to test out their products. We replied and agreed to join the program and we were immediately accepted. In their confirmation message they stated that they would be sending us a Sprint Power Vision phone and would also provide 6-months of all-access service. (means unlimited free calling) They will also provide allow unlimited access to their Music Store, TV Broadcasts, Games, and Web/Data Access. All this in return for our feedback. (we may also get a TiVo Series 3 for testing soon)

Samsung MM-A920

We later received another message stating which phone we would be receiving. It turned out to be a Samsung MM-A920, which retails at $300 on Sprint’s Store. The phone should arrive within 2-3 weeks. The phone seems to have the the top hardware specs: bluetooth, extra memory, 1 megapixel camera w/ flash, speakerphone, and more. This looks like a great phone and we hope it will be. We will throw up a full review of the phone and their new services as soon as we it.

Links: Sprint | Samsung A920

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