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Digg Search Widget 1.70
April 26, 2006 05:36 AM

Digg Search Widget v1.70

The Digg Search Widget (DSW) v1.0, was originally released on March 6th, 2006. About a month after the launch successful of DSW v1.0, I am pleased to announce The Digg Search Widget v1.70! DSW now includes such features as Advance Search, Themes, RSS Reader, and Alerts. (see details below) As you must already know, the DSW runs off the Yahoo! Widget Engine (aka. Konfabulator) and now functions properly on both Windows and Macintosh computers. The main goal of the DSW is to help users easily access a large variety of Digg content right from their desktop. Please download the widget and try it out. I guarantee you’ll like it.

Digg Search Widget v1.70 Features:

Search Features:

  • Area – All Stories, Front Page, or Queue
  • Type – Title, Body, or Title/Body
  • Age – All, 30 Days, or 60 Days
  • Buried – On or Off

Theme Features:

  • Widget Colors – Blue, Green, or Grey
  • Tooltips – show digg story description on hover
  • Scrolling Text – marquee long headlines
  • Numbered Items – shows number of each item

Feed Features:

  • Collapsible Feed Reader: On or Off
  • Feed Selection: Home Page, Digg Queue, or Top Stories
  • Category Feed: Apple, Deals, Design, etc. (16 total)
  • Username Feed: Dugg, Submitted, Home Page, or Comment
  • View Headlines: Display 1-15 Items from Any Feed
  • Update Interval: Auto Update every 5-60mins
  • On Demand Update: Right-Click then press “Refresh Feed”

Other Features:

  • Logo Link: Digg Home, Queue, Search, Submit, Spy, and more…
  • Beep on Update: Plays a Sound When There Are New Stories
  • Software Update: Checks the Widget Gallery for Newer Version

For our next goal we will need your help! While keeping the file size under a 1mb (currently ~375kb) and making sure this widget stays simple and clean, we hope to add many new features to make the Digg Search Widget an even better tool. To help us out, please report any bugs, give suggestions, make comments, or request features in the comments.

Download: Digg Search Widget (win or mac)
More Info: Widget Gallery – Digg Search Widget
Required: Yahoo Widget Engine (v3.1.1)
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Update: Digg Search Widget v2.00 Released

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