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Firefox – “Private Browsing”
May 18, 2006 06:01 AM

Firefox Extension Distrust v0.5

Are you a Firefox user? Do you want a better way to cover your surfing history? Distrust, a little Firefox extension, will allow keeping all your browsing history in a single session private. Distrust is a type of “silent browsing” which is very similar to the “Private Browsing” feature on Apple’s Safari browser. With a click of a button anyone can easily clear/delete any new sites you may have visited since your session began. Distrust will automatically delete any new items added to your [History], [Cache], [Cookies], [Forms], [Downloads], and anything else that was stored or logged on your computer when “Distrust” was enabled.

This is much more efficient than clearing your cache after finishing your “private browsing” since clearing all content manually would delete even items that existed before you began your “private session”. Distrust is definitely an easy to use tool for all Firefox users. The extension works on Firefox 1.0 and above and runs on both Windows and Macintosh machines. The extension is still buggy at times, but usually gets the job done.

Download / Install: Distrust-0.5.5.xpi
Links: Mozilla Addons: Distrust | Offical Distrust Page
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